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    T development experts teach you how to maintain a turbocharged models

    Author:admin   date:2013-3-16 12:43:48  click:4215

    In the pursuit of efficiency of the times, turbocharger has become a symbol of high efficiency, science and technology. The public took the lead in the China market launch of the TSI technology, and has introduced 1.4T, 1.8T, 2.0T three engines, and general Turbo technology has also been introduced into China, is applied in the new Regal, lacrosse, Hideo models. Compared with the naturally aspirated engine, dynamic turbo engine has more. Turbocharged engine technology advanced, by improving the quality of air into the combustion chamber of gasoline combustion more fully, thus improving the output power. But the turbocharged engine in improving the output power at the same time, work to produce the maximum explosion pressure and the average temperature is greatly improved. Therefore, the turbocharged engine in the maintenance of the owner will also put forward higher requirements. Whether the turbocharged engine should be how to maintenance and use? This period " car 114 " column specially prepared for everyone maintenance tips Turbo, TSI models, for the owners to offer care.The choice of high-grade synthetic oilsMr car : at the beginning of this year, I bought a new Regal 2.0T models, but each maintenance, high-grade synthetic engine oil 4S store customer service personnel have recommended me for higher prices, and friends told me, the use of ordinary oil can. I want to consult experts, turbocharged models in the end what oil? The use of ordinary oil will cause what kind of harm to the engine?The visits of experts: according to " Buick care" after sale service experts, at present, most of the turbocharger problems mostly because the seal between the turbocharger and the intake pipe seal damage, resulting in large scaleDie Burning oil. But the main reason is to replace the oil seal damage period is too long or the use of inferior oil, caused by turbine main shaft floating lack of lubrication and cooling, and then damage the seal, causing leakage. General turbocharger as 3500 rpm will start in the engine speed, and rapid promotion until 6000 rpm. The engine speed is higher, more requirements of oil shear capacity, performance is to let the oil resistance of shear action makes the viscosity stability. Only in this way, can make do not drop the lubricating ability of oil under high speed.Experts remind owners, in the selection of oil, should be the choice of high-grade synthetic oils, ordinary mineral oil is not suitable for turbocharged engine.Regular cleaning of turbochargerOwners Mr. Ma: my car is 1.6T Hideo, listening to friends say, turbocharged engine are very demanding on the environment, especially in the environmental air clean degree difference, high dust content areas, try not to use the turbo, I want to consult experts, which statement is true?The visits of experts: the biggest characteristic of the turbine engineIs a great power, it depends on the precision of process design and production, but also determines its harsh working environment. Therefore, it requires cleaning protection of lubricating oil is very high, the friction damage of any impurities on the components are very large, so the need to keep the turbocharger clean.In the actual use of the process, " Buick care" after sale service experts recommend owners, first of all, engine oil and filter must be kept clean, preventCheck impurities into. Because the turbocharger shaft and the shaft sleeve with the gap is very small, if the oil lubricating ability drops, can cause premature turbocharger scrapped; secondly, need to clean or replace the air filter, prevent the dust and other impurities into the high-speed rotation of the supercharger impeller; finally, experts also remind the owner, if the surrounding environment air clean degree of difference, high dust content, avoid long time use of the turbo.Soft start not immediately.Owner Ms. Huang: I am a novice, just bought a 1.4T golf, recently when out in the morning, I found that many owners within the district are hot, I want to consult experts turbocharged models need heat? The process of driving, do you have any special requirements?The visits of experts: Turbocharger operating temperature up to 900℃ - 1000 ℃, at full load working condition, its speed can reach 180000 to 200000 revolutions per minute. It can be said that the working conditions are very harsh, asTo achieve its requirements, materials and precision requirements are very high, so the price is relatively expensive, generally in the yuan.In view of the turbocharged models, FAW Volkswagen 4S shop customer service service in Chengdu experts recommend owners, when in use, must be careful. First of all, the car started, must be gentle driving. Because the turbocharger is to rely on oil cooling, cold start, lubrication oil is poor, then the turbocharger if high-speed operation, wear will be great. The correct method is, should be idle for two or three minutes, the lubricating properties of oil well, let the engine high rotating speedTurn, so that the turbocharger get sufficient lubrication; secondly, vehicle speed, not immediately. Because of the sudden flameout, lubrication oil will interrupt, turbocharger internal heat cannot be oil away, easy to cause death " between the turbocharger shaft and the shaft sleeve ". In addition, after the engine stops suddenly, leading to the turbocharger oil stopped flowing, the high temperature caused by heat, will the turbocharger internal oil boil coke, thereby blocking the oil inlet, resulting in the shaft sleeve in oil. Therefore, the engine flameout ago should be idle for 3-5 minutes, in order to make the turbocharger speed down.

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