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    The 2013 China ( Shanghai) International turbocharger technology and Application Exhibition

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    The same period: the turbocharger technology innovation Conference

    Upgrade forum transformation product market situation and development trend of China, supercharger

    The 2013 Shanghai international heavy-duty vehicles, trucks and Parts Exhibition

    Time: 2013 May 27-29 location: Shanghai Expo Exhibition Center

    Guest units:

    China Machinery Industry Federation, China internal combustion engine industry association turbocharger branch

    China Automobile Industry Association of China Construction Machinery Industry Association

    Chamber of Commerce of China commercial vehicle parts production and Marketing Federation, China's import and export of electromechanical products

    China auto parts supplies industry association of national auto parts product quality supervision and Inspection Center

    China Shipbuilding Industry Association of Liaoning province automobile engine supercharger industry technology innovation strategic alliance

    Support unit:

    China turbocharger net the United States automobile Customer Service Providers Association

    The United States auto parts remanufacturing industry association of the German Federation of machinery industry ( VDMA )

    Committee of the Pudong branch of the European car repair equipment association, China International Trade Promotion

    Africa and the Middle East Trade Association 's Hongkong Auto Parts Industry Association

    The German Association of automobile repair equipment the United States automobile and related equipment manufacturers association

    The organizer:

    China International Procurement Center China heavy automobile and Engineering Machinery Accessories Association


    Shanghai auto parts circulation industry association of Shanghai City auto repair industry association

    Taiwan External Trade Development Council, Taiwan District auto repair industry association

    Shanghai Automotive Industry Association of Zhejiang Province Automobile Industry Association

    Jiangsu Automotive Industry Association of Anhui Automotive Industry Association

    The organizer:

    Shanghai Yachi Exhibition Co. Ltd. Shanghai World Exhibition Service Co. Ltd.

    The only global turbocharger products exhibition

    * International -- include the National Pavilion, the overseas market

    * the perfect platform to develop new business opportunities -- contact and

    * commercial -- quality exhibition show company image style

    * strategic -- Concurrent forum focused on industry hot topic

    * prospective -- to discuss the latest policy


    China economic development and further promote the large demand of high performance, high reliability of the turbocharger, and has laid a good foundation for the steady development of turbocharger industry. 2013 is national "1025" planning third years, show during the exhibition of new products, new technology, new material, new technology, more development will promote the supercharger trade, provide a more broad space for development.

    The show will be held during the summit and several technical seminars, discussion on the latest trend of market development, including the development of new technology and case study. The exhibitors will make new trading partner here, introduce new products, at the same time to collect and understand the new situation of the development of domestic and foreign counterparts, and senior experts and scholars about the development of the industry, emphasis and difficulty of crack development in.

    About the show

    The 2013 China ( Shanghai) International turbocharger technology and Application Exhibition, will be held in 2013 May 27-29 in Shanghai Expo Exhibition Center was held, the meeting will focus on actual effect "to highlight the brand, innovation, service, strengthening " exhibition purposes, by virtue of the unique creativity, the science reasonable conformitydissemination and excellent service, with "high level, high grade with a new concept for the vast number of exhibitors, high quality " exhibition stage, create a set of rubber industry's largest, most valuable and most authoritative event. This exhibition and look forward to your participation!

    The audience organization

    * to all over the world professional association and unit mailing publicity materials, exhibition news, invitation;

    * published information of the exhibition in the multiple newspaper, professional magazine;

    * the invitation of the purchasing power of buyers to come to visit, negotiate;

    * free publication of English participating enterprises and products in the exhibition catalogue;

    * for professional audience to provide manufacturers product classification index.

    Exhibition scope

    A variety of special standard, special purpose, special materials, special requirements of the turbocharger, turbo supercharger turbocharger parts, production testing equipment.

    Charge standard

    1 standard booths 9m2 ( 3m ×3M ) configuration: exhibition venues, three face panels ( 2.5m high ), making lintel board, one desk, two chairs, nine square carpet, one 220V power socket, two spotlights;

    The 2 light ( 36m2 hire ) configuration: exhibition venues, security service, without any facilities, in addition to the cost of two erection fee, light management fees by the enterprises themselves;

    Participating in the project specifications and requirements of domestic enterprises, joint ventures of foreign enterprises

    Standard booth 3m x 3m9800 yuan / 13000 yuan / $4000 / month

    Standard booth 3m x 3m11800 yuan / 15000 yuan / $5000 / month

    Indoor space 36m ²subscribes 1000 yuan 1300 yuan /m²/m $400 /m ²²

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    cover $30000 -- back $20000 -- on a $18000 -- the title page of RMB 18000

    back $10000color pages of RMB 6000 and RMB 4000 + page -- about $2000

    Please communicate with us contact, to obtain the latest exhibition information.

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